Thank you Rú!

For whose do or don’t know, I started a new company business (ejem… *cough*) with my best friend and his friends named AYRU, It’s a project about bottled cocktail products from Colombia and I was asked to create all the designs for them, including the creation of a new friend, Rú.

This is one of the things that I’m thankful for in 2020 that is going to end soon.

If you are curious, go to Instagram and follow @experienciaayru . The products are sold in Colombia only and sorry for the English speakers but everything is in Spanish, but I’d like you to check it out just for curiosity.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays and New Year 2021 for everyone!

This year was hard for everyone but things happen for a reason, I hope you learned a lot in this pandemic season. See you with good stuff and cool projects for 2021.

Enjoy safely!

Felices fiestas y Feliz año 2021!

Este año fue dificil para todos pero las cosas pasan por algo, Espero hayan aprendido mucho en esta temporada de pandemia. Nos vemos con cosas buenas y proyectos cool para el 2021

Disfruten sanamente!


I don’t want to pretend but I’m just a colombian girl with a weird English accent, According with people who are english natives or people who are fluent for years told me that my accent is a mix of British English, French and Latin because I have a particular way to pronounce some words or phrases and the entonation is very noticeable because it’s foreign but it doesn’t have a identity loooool. So… people say that colombian accent is the sexiest or the most natural of overall Latin-America but I don’t think so. I just speak in normal language, or maybe not? hehehe >:)


I’ve never experimented with the word ”jet lag” in the first quarter of my life. I learned that word when I was in France for my brother’s marriage.

The first time I’ve lived with jetlag was arriving at noon in Germany when my body was thinking at 6 am. That was crazy! I felt not prepared, stupid, dumb, sleepy, grumpy like someone stole my energy…. and adding more problems I got an argument with my eldest brother because first, I had the roundtrip ticket flight was in a screenshot (it’s not valid if you show it like that) the fuc***ing Lufthansa app wasn’t working on my phone to show my roundtrip tickets in border customs. We felt like we were in trouble, but after showing our paper stuff I said ”aaahhh….. thanks german policeman because he saved our lives.” (we had to show proofs/reasons why we are going to stay in France or in the European Union, don’t be a stupid freshman in Europe).

And when I flew back I sleeeeeeept like a baby at 8 pm in New Jersey hehe… I spent only 5 days in Europe. Now I understand the reference for traveling in a DeLorean like the movie Back to the future!


One of the things that it’s hard for me to socialize in New York is dealing with foreign groups. In my personal experience, I used to go to french meetups to improve the language (and still going after the COVID-19 outbreak). It’s a good plan to meet new people with a couple of drinks, OH YEAH! because when I’m tipsy I feel like I’m more fluent and intelligent, lol! However, french groups are not too friendly with a person who don’t have the trust enough and if you don’t speak the language like a native, you’re screwed! And also it happens with other language groups; not my case, but I heard similar stories like this.


Yes, that happened in the first company I worked in the U.S (And still working for them). It was the round of 16 for the World Cup 2018, Colombia vs England, and I remembered the moment when the colombian player Yerry Mina scored the goal in minute 93 to tie the game. It was so unbelievable that my bosses decided to let me go in the middle of a reunion *smack my head* and get emotional for that game. Unfortunately, Colombia’s national team got eliminated by the English players with the penalty shoot-out round. You cannot imagine how sad and heartbroken I was that day….


I am a Graphic Artist and Illustrator from Colombia with 2 years and half of experience in Graphic Design. My character,
Lipi Inverse, presented in some of my projects, is a reflection of my persona where I demonstrate proficiency generating high-quality creative assets. I have previous experience contributing projects with my knowledge and skills in immersive and beautiful narratives.

AS A CARTOON CHARACTER: I am my own character, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and future Comic Artist from Bogotá , and I have a Master Degree in being a freshman in New York which is demonstrated in most of my comic strips. Enjoy!