Yes, that happened in the first company I worked in the U.S (And still working for them). It was the round of 16 for the World Cup 2018, Colombia vs England, and I remembered the moment when the colombian player Yerry Mina scored the goal in minute 93 to tie the game. It was so unbelievable that my bosses decided to let me go in the middle of a reunion *smack my head* and get emotional for that game. Unfortunately, Colombia’s national team got eliminated by the English players with the penalty shoot-out round. You cannot imagine how sad and heartbroken I was that day….


I am a Graphic Artist and Illustrator from Colombia with 2 years and half of experience in Graphic Design. My character,
Lipi Inverse, presented in some of my projects, is a reflection of my persona where I demonstrate proficiency generating high-quality creative assets. I have previous experience contributing projects with my knowledge and skills in immersive and beautiful narratives.

AS A CARTOON CHARACTER: I am my own character, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and future Comic Artist from Bogotá , and I have a Master Degree in being a freshman in New York which is demonstrated in most of my comic strips. Enjoy!

OMG! Diego!

A little bit late to post because i was supposed to update it yesterday. I got a lot of work last week so it was hard for me to update this. And also late because Maradona passed away a week ago and he was so talented despite of his personal issues. ⚽️ it was sad for everyone that “Diego el D10s del Fútbol is gone” and I bet everyone reacted like that.