I’ve never experimented with the word ”jet lag” in the first quarter of my life. I learned that word when I was in France for my brother’s marriage.

The first time I’ve lived with jetlag was arriving at noon in Germany when my body was thinking at 6 am. That was crazy! I felt not prepared, stupid, dumb, sleepy, grumpy like someone stole my energy…. and adding more problems I got an argument with my eldest brother because first, I had the roundtrip ticket flight was in a screenshot (it’s not valid if you show it like that) the fuc***ing Lufthansa app wasn’t working on my phone to show my roundtrip tickets in border customs. We felt like we were in trouble, but after showing our paper stuff I said ”aaahhh….. thanks german policeman because he saved our lives.” (we had to show proofs/reasons why we are going to stay in France or in the European Union, don’t be a stupid freshman in Europe).

And when I flew back I sleeeeeeept like a baby at 8 pm in New Jersey hehe… I spent only 5 days in Europe. Now I understand the reference for traveling in a DeLorean like the movie Back to the future!

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